Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Break in Thailand: Hua Hin

We started our Thailand vacation with a relaxing few days in HuaHin, a beach town about two hours from Bangkok, where the Thai king resides. This has long been the vacation spot for the royals, and pictures of them abound (they look pretty down to earth, huh?).

It's easy to see why this spot is popular with the royal family and Bangkok's vacationers.

We stayed at a perfect rental apartment, where we quickly got used to enjoying the amenities.

We took in some sights, including the gorgeous old train station and the hotel where The Killing Fields movie was filmed (yes, that was about Cambodia).

While enjoying afternoon tea at the hotel lounging by the beach, we witnessed a passing naval ceremony.

And, we made an (accidental) visit to the requisite giant Buddha (we thought we had pointed to the royal palace on the TukTuk driver's list of sites, but apparently we should have confirmed).

But, to be honest we spent most of the time enjoying the beach and tasting amazing Thai food, especially the bountiful seafood of HuaHin. The night market was a diner and shopper's paradise and the compact downtown of HuaHin was packed with great restaurants and fun nightlife. Being the off season, we experienced a tiny bit of rain but also had the joy of light crowds.

HuaHin would make a great stop on any trip to Thailand, especially if you want to take it easy and avoid the big tourist crowds. If you go, we know the ideal rental apartment. Our host even stocked us up with snacks and drinks and provided us with a traditional memento of our visit to Thailand. We've never stayed in a more well-stocked apartment and I could have spent many more days on our cozy porch or by the pool reading and relaxing.