Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Traveling as a Couple

My guess is there are a lot of couples like us…we have enjoyed travelling together throughout our relationship and think travel is an essential part of life. We enjoy a little bit of everything when it comes to travel and are pretty open to trying new things—we’ve done everything from cruises (weekend, low cost cruise of Bahamas through fully inclusive, luxury week long European cruise) to a very structured, sports adventure trip with a group to excursions on our own of all sizes and prices.

On our trips, we like to be busy and see the sights, but also experience a bit of the local flavor, plus rest, relax and have fun—so we try to balance things out. But, each trip is unique in flavor. I guess we’re pretty “equal opportunity” when it comes to travel (other than not being very "outdoorsy"). Travel as a couple requires compromise. I think it’s one of the advantages of traveling with a partner, that it loosens one up a bit and broadens your horizons and simultaneously, the travel experience does the same thing for the relationship. You have to be flexible in travel--and in relationships...

I'll share our adventures and some of the things we discover on our trips, plus tips and highlights (things we wish we knew and usually aren't in the guidebooks)...

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