Sunday, September 6, 2015

Cruising the Mekong

We spent an enjoyable afternoon cruising along the Mekong in Luang Prabang in our own private boat. No complaints here!

We enjoyed the natural beauty and life taking place all along the river, and caught a few good snapshots along the journey. Our boat made a few stops along the way, where we hiked up the riverbanks to check out the local fabric industry and some peaceful temples.

Up the stairs to Wat Kokpab
Temple, minus the tourists

Walking back to our boat; monks watching the view

A monk and his dog
Boys will be boys...playing in the mud
Mud slide!
Fishing fun

Construction project

Gas station

And, then there is the beauty of just cruising along in your private boat with the most amazing light reflecting off the water. Sigh...

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