Friday, February 25, 2011

Ten Most Memorable Travel Moments

When we get beyond sightseeing, travel allows us to get to know people from near and far, marvel at our similarities and embrace our differences. Such moments make up my richest travel memories.
  1. Being driven back to our hotel by the bus driver and his wife after accidentally riding the last bus “to the end of the line” in an Austrian village.
  2. Getting to know our hosts and friends in Spain over a sun-soaked welcome lunch of homemade paella.
  3. Hanging out at a tiny bar in Kufstein, Austria, meeting new friends as they gulped down a (then) mysterious concoction of Red Bull and Vodka from IV bags hung above the bar.
  4. Learning how our young Russian tour guide’s mother developed her art appreciation with weekly visits to the St. Petersburg museums.
  5. Becoming part of the Sunday family stroll along the Mediterranean in Spain.
  6. A delicious Moroccan lunch, haggling over carpets and getting to know the other couple on our Tangier tour, who happened to be from our hometown.
  7. Running across the corporate table at Oktoberfest and getting invited to sit with “coworkers” from Germany for beer and pretzels.
  8. Bustling among the local ladies tasting and purchasing our weekly produce at the city market in Denia.
  9. Watching all the kids in universally-popular costumes parading through the streets at Carnavale in Venice.
  10. Wistfully listening to stories of many expat entrepreneurs who decided to turn travel adventures in to new lives.
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